Week 5 Water World: Under the Sea with Jess

Welcome to Week 5: Under the Sea!


Today we learned all about different sea creatures and a new song called a Sailor Went to Sea. We started to make our own sailor hats and a giant octopus for our classroom. We also completed a worksheet to find animals that live in the sea and those that don´t. We played steer the ship and gave each other directions like go, stop, turn left, turn right to avoid hitting an iceberg! Finally, we listened to our favorite song, Baby Shark!

IMG_1063 IMG_1064 IMG_1066


Today we reviewed all of the animals and the actions that we learned yesterday: a seahorse swims, a turtle hides, a blue whale blows water, a jellyfish stings, a shark bites and an octopus inks! We finished our sailor hats and practiced our new songs. We did an experiment with salt water and fresh water to see which items would float and which ones would sink. We also watched a funny video about a scuba diving bear and then made our own scuba gear, including goggles, a mask and flippers!

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Today we went to the aquarium! We saw loads of cool sea creatures, including turtles, fish, sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, sea cucumbers and more!

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Today we opened our scuba diving school and went for a swim to see some sea creatures! We saw a shark and had to swim away! We also watched a video about pirates and found some new words to practice around the school. We made mini vocabulary books and played some games to help us remember the words!


Today we took everyone scuba diving in our presentations! We sang our song, Baby Shark, and did a fantastic job! Have a great summer everyone!!!

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