Week 5 Teens with Tom

Day 1

Today we did an Olympian quiz that challenged mental strength, physical prowess and speed when using English. We also started finding out about suitable cities that would be perfect for future Olympic Games which we will be developing during the week.

Day 2

We started by giving each person in the group roles that they will be responsible for. For each group they had to design an Olympic park which will hold most of the sports during the games. Another had to complete the accounts for the cost and revenue they will make with the park. The final person researched people and places that have specific cultural significance for their host country to include in their opening ceremony.

Day 3

Today we went to the pool!

Day 4

We continued with our projects. The designer had to make a powerpoint presentation introducing their cities, the accountants had to make a line graph plotting the profits/losses with the Olympic park. The cultural directors had to make a promotional video for their cities. All of these will be presented tomorrow.

Today we finished off the final things for our presentations which were excellent!