Week 5 – Invention and Innovation with Dan


Welcome back everyone and a very big hello to Rita.

Today we started by talking about invention and innovation and looked at some of the vocabulary assosicated with it. We then played a game using a range of inventions and decided which ones were the most and least useful. After discussing things we couldn’t live without we did a quiz where we had to find out different information about some smaller but equally important inventions such as the paper clip, toilet paper and the can opener. We finished the class by researching and presenting six different inventions which were invented or discovered by accident. My favourite was the cornflakes!!!

See you tomorrow when we will start creating our own products and looking at ways of making a successful pitch.



Today we talked about inventions that have had a positive and negative impact on society. We then looked at some funny chindogu inventions to give us ideas. After we started thinking about everyday problems and what products could potentially help solve them and started work on our own ideas. After the break we watched some clips of Dragons Den and answered lots of questions. To finish we went over how to make a good product pitch and started working on our own. Make sure you are on time tomorrow for the trip to MIBA!!!




Today we had a great time at the Museum of Ideas and Inventions. We found out lots of information about all sorts of useful, useless and funny inventions and then we completed the egg challenge. 3 out of 4 groups saved the egg. Great job! See the photos below:


Today we continued working on our pitches. We designed logos, slogans, displays and finished our speeches. Tomorrow we will do a full practice before the real thing. We also looked at different famous bridges around the world. We did a running dictation which explained to us in a little more detail what a birdge and the different types that exist. We also looked at lots of tricky vocabulary such as beam, deck, truss and engineer. After we made our own bridges and tested them – using only straws and selotape! Well done guys – you all did a great job. Especially the girls.


Fantastic presentations today guys. I’m very impressed!!! I will post all the photos soon. We also learnt about inventions that their inventors regretted and learnt lots of new (advanced) vocabulary.

Have a great summer and I hope to see you all again soon!!!!!