Week 5 “into the deep” afternoons with Emily

Hi guys!

This week we’ve been looking at sea-related mysteries.

On Monday you researched and made presentations about underwater ruins, shipwrecks and other mysterious places (Baltic Sea anomaly, Heraklion, Titanic, Yonaguni monument and Port Royal, Jamaica).

On Tuesday your learnt about the life of Amelia Earhart and her disappearance while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Then you talked about what could have happened to her. You pretended to be journalists in 1957 and wrote a script for an imaginary interview in which she explains what happened on the day she disappeared and how she survived 20 years undiscovered.

Today (Wednesday) you made old-style newspapers by soaking paper in coffee and finding old black and white photos to illustrate the interviews you wrote yesterday. We’ll finish them tomorrow but well done – they look great! (see the photos below!)


CAM19580 CAM19581 CAM19584 CAM19586 CAM19587 CAM19588 CAM19590 CAM19591