Week 5 – Going for Gold! with Taylor

Hi All,

Welcome to Week 5 –Going for Gold!


We kicked off the week by talking about what intelligence means. Some people think it’s memorizing facts, while others think it’s all about maths and languages!

Did you know that a psychologist named Howard Gardner actually has a theory that there are 8 types of intelligence? We took an intelligence test to see which of his categories we fell into. There are lots of musical students in our class! It seems like we’ll need to incorporate a lot of rhythm and music into our week, doesn’t it?

See you tomorrow, when we start learning about Ancient Greece!


On Tuesday we talked about Athenian society. Even though the government was called a democracy, only Athenian men were considered citizens with the right to vote.

Each member of our class was given a role (Citizen, Citizen’s Wife, Child, Metic or Slave). To demonstrate how decisions were made, the two Athenian citizens had to choose how they would divide the “wealth” (four cakes) of Athens between all members of society. The other people were not allowed to speak, as they did not have the right to vote. What do you think the citizens did?

la foto 2

The guilty faces of the Athenian citizens who kept the cakes for themselves :D

After this interesting social experiment, we got into groups and had to research the Greek city states that were assigned to each group (Athens, Sparta and Thebes).


On Wednesday we created PowerPoints about our city states and presented them to the class.

Then, the presentation for Open Doors on Friday was revealed–The Oxford House Olympics! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got :)


Today we worked on our poems and events for the Olympics! See you tomorrow!