Week 4 The World Around Us with Tom (mornings)

Day 1

Today we started out by doing a quiz all about Geography to see how much we knew about the world around us and learned some new things too! We started by doing a Geography round which asked various questions about countries, capitals, flags, population and geographical features of our planet. We then did a round on various world brands and international music. We finished by looking doing a map competition and guess the country from the emojis. Congratulations to Team Catalunya for winning!

After that I presented the place I would most like to visit, which is Tokyo. We looked at some of the weird and wonderful things that you can do there which you can’t do anywhere else, like hiring a friend, going to a cat cafe, buying a weird invention like the mobile chin strap. It was really interesting to see a city where life and culture is very different from a place like Barcelona.

Day 2

Today we looked at the United Nations. We started by doing a true/false questionnaire about the UN to see how much they knew already. Then we looked at the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were some objectives the UN set out in the year 2000 like universal primary education, clean drinking water and more humanitarian aid to poorer countries. After looking at these and seeing whether the objectives have been met, they were split into pairs and were given a country to research more about. Once they had found this information, they presented it to the class and also included what objectives their countries would have to try to develop more in the future.

Day 3

Today we went to Museu Blau. It was really interesting to see all of the animals, plants, rocks and minerals that make up the world around us. We also got to visit the temporary exhibition on the Spinosaurus, which was interesting. I never knew it was so big!

Day 4

Today we started our human-environment interaction case studies. First the students were split into 3 groups. Each group was given a different case study (Big Dam building in India, Living in the Himalayas and Air pollution in Mexico City) that they had to complete exercises to find more information about it, including interpreting graphs, analysing maps and creating colour charts.

At the end, they started to develop their presentation for tomorrow, which will be to present what they discovered today in poster or PowerPoint form.

Day 5

Today the students finished preparing their presentations. Once finished they practiced until we had to present.