Week 4 – Discovery, The World Around us with Itchy


Today we played some games to get to know each other and learn each other´s names. Then we did a Wildlife quiz. We created our own quiz and answered more questions about nature, animals and wildlife in general before learning a bit about the different Habitats in the world and the different categories of animals.

At the end of the morning the students researched the weirdest animals they could and made a short presentation about it.



Today we split into groups and designed our own Zoos, but with a twist. Each group came up with a really interesting idea, using their interests and imagining anything was possible. The students chose the animals, what habitats they needed, what the enclosures were called, and the physical layout of the Zoo. They nearly completed the design and presented their ideas to the rest of the class.



We went to Museu Blau today! The main exhibition was the most interesting for the kids, i think. They have lots of amazing animals and insects to look at as well as tonnes of fossils. There was also a Spinosaurus exhibit too. Did you know the original Spinosaurus spine bones were lost when the allies dropped bombs on the museum!

Today we wrote and recorded Radio Commercials for the Zoos we have designed, which was fun! The kids made some really fun commercials. Then we started to write the presentations for tomorrow. Tomorrow we really need to finish them quick and practice them before we can show you!



Presentation day! We have our recorded adverts so today we´ve been working hard on our presentations ready to show the other groups and the parents.