Week 4: Discovery Mornings with Jess

Welcome to Week 4: Discovery – Our World


Today we played some fun games to get to know the new students in our class. Then we talked about the different things we like and don´t like about science. We studied space, the planets and interesting facts about each one. We did a scavenger hunt to find some space information and then did a rocket experiment! Well done!

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Today we learned all about oceans and practiced some geography. We also studied some different forms of sea life and watched videos about the problems that exist in the environment, like pollution, contamination, extinction, global warming, etc. We came up with some ideas to prevent them and then talked about why people don´t recycle or reuse plastic. Then we watched a video about inventions for lazy people and came up with our own!

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Today we went to Museu Blau and saw loads of amazing animals, learned about space and went to an exhibit on the Sipinosaurus! We had lots of fun!

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Today we created some mind maps to help us plan our presentations. We wrote our scripts, made our props and filmed our video!

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Today we did an activity to help us put what we´ve learned this week into practice. We made bags out of old t-shirts! We played some review games and presented our video, which was fantastic! Great job this week and we´ll see you on Monday!