Week 4 – Daredevils with Phil

Day 1

Hi everyone! We started this week with a few games and ice breakers in order to get to know each other a little better. We then completed a running game to learn a little more about adrenaline and watched a video about the fight or flight response. To finish the class we created posters about different fight or flight situations practising conditional structures.

Day 2

We started by looking at adverbs of frequency and we explained how often we do different sports and activities. We then had to research and explain some strange sports before watching a video and answering questions. To finish the day we created our own strange sport and explained it to the class.

Day 3

Today we went rock climbing which was excellent fun!!

Day 4

We started the day by hypothesing what the reality TV show ‘The Apprentice was about’. We then watched the introduction and had to start thinking about the task presented. We then came up with some ideas and saw what the real candidates did. To finish we started working on our presentations for tomorrow.