Week 4: Daredevils with Jess

Week 4: Daredevils


Today we played some icebreakers to get to know each other a bit better and talked about daredevils. We discussed whether or not we fall into the daredevil category and researched some famous daredevils from history. We made our own comics to share the information we found with our classmates. We also talked about life experiences and some of the scary/dangerous/challenging things we have done. We looked at examples of things on a typical Bucket List to determine what we would like to add to our own. We also practiced with a “would you rather” structure to provide our classmates with a difficult decision! Then we watched some examples of Minute to Win it to see which challenge we would rather accept and tried some of them out together.

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Today we played a review game with Kahoot and practice would you rather questions. We had a debate on the question “Would you rather spend 6 months in prison or 2 years alone on an island” and argued both sides. Then we learned how to make predictions related to our classmates´(and teacher´s) abilities to demonstrate that our prediction was certain or probable. We made predictions and conducted experiments with each other to practice. We also watched a video from “50 People 1 Question” to talk about things we would like to do but are not necessarily able to do. In our final hour of class, we predicted whether or not our teams could complete a Minute to Win it challenge and then invented our own!

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Today we went to Climbat and tested our climbing skills. We had a blast!

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Today we created some questions that we could use to predict our classmates´ability to complete a new challenge. We asked each other the questions and used the information to say how probable it was that they would complete them. Then we developed questions for the Minute to Win it Games that we invented yesterday. We collected all of our materials, practiced our games and played with each other to prepare for our presentations tomorrow.

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Today we reflected on everything we learned this week and reviewed all of our new vocabulary and grammar. We did an amazing job with our presentations!!! Our Minute to Win it games were fantastic. Have a lovely summer, everyone! See you next year!

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