Week 4 – Cheeky Monkeys with Taylor

Hi All,

Welcome to week 4! This week we’re learning all about the rainforest.


Today, we talked about the rainforest and the different layers you can find there: emergent layer, canopy, understory, forest floor. Then we learned about the different animals that live in each of the layers.

Finally, we learned a bit about the Mayan people. Did you know they eat corn (also called maize), cacao and worms? They’re actually supposed to be pretty good!

We put all that we learned into a nice flip book that you can see on Friday.


On Tuesday we learned about cacao and how chocolate is made. Then, we did a chocolate taste test and tried to guess how much cacao was in each sample!

Then, we learned about erosion and its effects on the planet. We talked about how erosion of soil causes floods and makes river water dirty, which is bad for the people who live in and around the rainforest. Finally, we got to see erosion up close with a really cool experiment! You’ll get to hear all about it on Friday :)

la foto 1la foto 3


On Wednesday we went to the Climbat center! Everyone had so much fun and were really climbing like monkeys! Were you a howler monkey or a capuchin monkey?? :D


On Thursday we talked about ways that kids can save the rainforest. Then, we tried an interesting craft using recycled paper to make abstract art!

Finally, we kept working on our presentations for tomorrow. We’re really excited to show you what we’ve got!

See you soon!