Week 4 – Cheeky Monkeys with Amy


This week we’re learning all about the rainforest! We started by playing a little game to guess what food grows in the rainforest, then we matched the pictures with the words. After that, we had a little taste test of some of the food that grows in the rainforest, and talked about what we liked and didn’t like, and how they tasted (almost everybody said cashews were delicious, but almost everyone said the ginger was disgusting!). We then presented our findings in a table, and carried out a little survey around the school, which gave us a chance to talk to lots of different people with different accents. Great job today everyone!


Today we talked about animals that live in the rainforest! We played lots of funny vocabulary games and then matched the different animals to the layers of the rainforest where they live. Then we watched a presentation about parrots and learnt about where they live and what they eat. We drew around our hands and feet to make parrots, and while we were doing that we watched lots of funny videos of parrots talking!

Here’s Nicole’s parrot:

image1 (3)


Today we learnt about recyling. What can we recycle? Where? We matched different objects to the correct bins and talked about why recycling is important. Then we started making posters to present everything we’ve learnt about rainforests and saving the planet.


First today we revised all our recycling vocabulary from yesterday by playing some funny games. Then we looked at a map and pointed to all the rainforests in the world, and matched descriptions of the rainforests. We also finished work on our posters for open doors tomorrow, we can’t wait!


Today was our last day together!! We played lots of silly games including bursting balloons with questions inside them related to what we’ve studied this week, an animal memory game, and a fun target game. Everyone reached the target number of points and won a lollypop!

image1 (4) image2 (1) image4 image3

Great work this week everyone and have an amazing summer!