Week 3 – Planet Earth with Dan

Welcome back to all the students from last week and a big hello to all the new ones!


Today we started by doing a series of games and activities to help us get to know each other and form as a group. We then introduced the topic of ‘Planet Earth’ by looking at the eniornment and the impact we are having on it. We did a quiz to find out how enviornmentally conscious we are, we completed a cross word to learn some new vocabulary and then read an interesting article about how the earth is in danger. We finished by making posters to show people how we can help save the planet!!!

Check out some of the pictures from the team building exercies below:


Today we reviewed what we did yesterday and went over ‘Global Warming’ and how it is caused. We then looked in more detail at one of the causes – carbon dioxide and did a fun experiment to see it in action (diet coke and mentos). We compared the height of the coca cola with mint mentos and fruit mentos and found the reaction to be similar. We then read more about the science and why it happened. (See pic below)



Afterwards we did a roleplay and imagined what it would be like to be marooned on a deserted island. We played a fun game, where we had to make lots of decisions and speak lots of English. It was great fun and you all had lots of wonderful ideas. After writing a reflection about the experience we started looking at the rainforest and some of the people who live there and discussed the problems they may face. Tomorrow at CosmoCaixa we will go to the Amazon section and take notes about all the things that could be used to help us survive.


Today we went to CosmoCaixa. It was a lot of fun and I was really pleased with the interest you showed. We had a great time in the rainforest looking at all the interesting plants and animals and took some notes. We also went to some of the other sections and learnt lots of cool things. See the photos below:

See you tomorrow when we are going to learn how to survive on a desert island and then write our own survival stories!!!


Today we looked at what we collected at cosmo caixa and then looked through the photos and added more information. We then learnt more about rainforests and read some real life survival stories and re-told them to different people. After that we discussed different environments and which ones would be the most difficult to live in and started to plan our own stories. When we finishd the plan we started to work on our presentations – which involves a real life performance of our stories. There were loads of great ideas. Well done! To finish the class we talked about ways to collect water in the wild, set up an experiment in the garden (which we will check tomorrow to see if it has worked) and then looked at and balanced the chemical equation for respiration.

IMG_4397 IMG_4398



Today we checked our bags in he garden and wrote up what we did. One bag didn’t have any water but the other had a small amount of water in it (See pic below). We think we would need about 10 bags if we were to collect enough water to live in the wild.


After the break we made ‘how to’ guides for various survival situations and presented them to the class. We also spent some time practicing our presentations which were fantastic! Good job guys!

IMG_4411 IMG_4412

See some of you next week and for the ones leaving I hope to see you next year!!!