Week 3: Little Athletes! with Jess

Welcome to Week 3: Little Athletes!


Today we had a great class! We started with some icebreaker games and then went on a scavenger hunt to find examples of sports all over Oxford House! We talked about which ones we like and don´t like and learned some new verbs to help us explain them like kick, throw, shoot, ride, cycle, row and more! We made posters of some of our favorite sports using our hands and feet. We also made a dance to practice our actions and were hot and thirsty when we finished! We did an experiment to make our own lemon fizzy drinks, but unfortunately they weren´t that tasty. Great job and see you tomorrow!

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Today we practiced all of the words from our lessons yesterday and then learned new words related to yoga like bend, touch, stretch and reach, as well as some new body parts like elbow, chin, chest, back, heel, palm and knee! We practiced some yoga poses in our own Oxford House Yoga Studio and then reviewed the movements while breathing in and out. Then we learned words like headset and microphone and made our own to help us with our presentations on Friday. Finally, we learned about some sports clothing like leggings, shorts, ballet slippers, tutu, leotard and tank top and different patterns like polka dot, striped, checked, flowered, solid and more! We even designed our own tutu and used Nicole as our model!

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Today we went to Climbat and played on a blow up slide and a zip line, climbed to the top of the climbing wall and completed an obstacle course!

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Today we reviewed our yoga poses and started practicing for our presentation. We also learned all about the 5 basic arm and leg positions in ballet and practiced them together! We played hopscotch ballet and made our own ballerinas!

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Today we practiced our presentations and did a fun abilities test to see who could do things like click their fingers, touch their toes, count quickly and say the alphabet and months in English. We did a GREAT job with our presentation and our yoga class! Well done this week, and have a great weekend!

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