Week 3- Fitness Freaks with Tom (Mornings)

Day 1

We started our fitness freaks week by doing a class Olympics! First, everyone got into groups to start our opening ceremony. They invented a name, flag, history and culture of their nations. After they had presented the games began! We played games such as a three-person blind obstacle course which required communication and creative skills; a riddle competition; tongue twister race and a scrabble like game. Congratulations to Team Limbert for winning!


Day 2

Today we were looking at some inspirational people who have achieved superhuman feats. Like the real life Iceman can stay in freezing temperatures in shorts and no t-shirt, the Spiderman who scales skyscrapers and daredevil Evel Knievel. In pairs, the kids were given a person each to find out more information about and present it to the rest of the class.

After this we watched a programme called Ultimate Beastmaster. This is a reality show where competitors from around the world compete in obstacle courses of varying difficulty to become the Ultimate Beastmaster. This is a show where people have to push the limits to succeed. We started out watching the introduction where they explain what the premise of the show was. After watching, they had to discuss what it was about. As we watched the rest of the episode we stopped at times to talk about unknown vocabulary and discuss what we had seen or were going to see. It was great to get us ready for our excursion to Climbat tomorrow!

Day 3

What an awesome day! We went to Climbat where we got to do a couple of obstacles courses and do some rock-climbing. I took some videos which you will get to see at Friday’s presentation

Day 4

Today we worked started working on a project. Using the video footage from Climbat we are going to create our own obstacle course competition, Beastmaster OH!

We started by looking at some inventions that have changed sports through history like, Basketball’s ‘shot clock’, Composite tennis rackets and steroids. We discussed what it was like before they were used and what impact they had on their sports (both positive and negative).

They then got into teams to develop an idea for some sports equipment which they will present tomorrow and the winner of Beastmaster OH will receive funding for their idea. Each student (contestant) also created a persona for themselves which they will also present on Friday.