Week 3 – Fitness Freaks with Itchy


Today we started with some drawings to help everyone remember the parts of the body. That was the introduction to the lessons theme – Heart Rate. We all measured our heart rates my taking our pulse and calculated our maximum heart rate. We also researched the lowest heart rate in the world (26bpm!) and the average. Then for the rest of the lesson everyone had to design 3 exercises and explain the actions step-by-step. The idea was that we were going to compete to see which exercise could get the heart rate to increase the most. We went outside to try them, doing the exercises for 30 seconds and then immediately taking our pulse. Pol and Claudia´s exercise won.


Today we are creating a outdoor/extreme sports holiday. First we played some games to help us learn the vocabulary for the sports we will be writing and talking about. The class was put into groups and each given a country: New Zealand, USA (California, specifically), Canada and Australia. Everyone is creating a poster outlining there trips and their activities that they are doing each day. They also have to explain where there are flying into and how they are getting around.

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Today we started to think about our presentations. We have been created a short fitness programme for different types of people. The students have to choose the exercise depending on the person and what they want. At the end of the class we started writing out roleplays, with one student being the ´client´and the other two being the personal trainers.



We started today with a couple games of Stop The Bus as everyone looked a little tired! Then we started to work on our role plays, writing them in our groups, helping each other with the language and trying to make them fun. In the last half we started to practice them to see what they needed.


Presentations day!! Practice, practice! we only had two groups left today, so Helena decided to present the presentations. And our two groups presented the training programme for a overweight person, and a smoker. Victor had to do 1 BILLION press-ups….