Week 3 – Fitness Freaks with Emily (afternoons)

Hi guys!

This week we have learnt a lot about health and fitness, as well as extraordinary skills needed for circus performers.

On Monday we looked a    t some common unhealthy lifestyle habits – then you did a role play as psychologists and patients to try to deal with these problems.

On Tuesday we learnt a lot about the Cirque du Soleil and different types of circus act and skills needed to be a trapeze artist, juggler, clown, or to walk the high wire, with hoops, tissue and ropes, we watched and talked about some really cool videos!

Today we have been preparing a general audition for the Cirque du Soleil’s next show. Each of you have created your own character with strengths, weaknesses, circus skills, life experience and big dreams. On Friday each of you will be interviewed by our fantastic presenters (they are trapeze and hoop artists in the Cirque du Soleil) and you will do a short demonstrations of your skills. Let’s see if any of you are accepted!


Thursday – today we made the backdrop for tomorrow’s presentation, as well and choosing music and a video for the introduction. Then we practiced the introduction, good job guys!


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