Week 3 – Fitness freaks with Ciara


Day 1

Today we played some games to introduce the new members of the class. Then we did an A-Z race of sports and sports equipment, before talking about our favourite sports and learning some new phrasal verbs relating to fitness. Finally, we played some communication games by blindfolding members of our teams and leading them to find the ball in the garden with different instructions.

Day 2

Today we practiced the phrasal verbs that we learnt yesterday with a quiz in the morning. Then we looked at vocabulary for different organs in the human body and their functions. Then we made our own human bodies and explained the functions.

Finally we did an experiment to measure the capacity of our lungs.


Day 3

Today we went to Climbat in Montjuic, it was so much fun! Everybody tried all of the activities and some people even climbed all the way to the top of the rock climbing wall.



Day Four

Today we began by discussing what lifestyle habits are good and bad for you. Then we made a food diary for a well-balanced nutritious day of meals, with a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fruit and vegetables and a little bit of fat.

We´re going to use this information when we make the menu´s for our own Fitness Hotels that we are creating for Open Doors tomorrow.

Day five

Today we finished off our Posters for the fitness hotels that we created and we wrote our scripts for the presentations. We had some extra time so we used some vocabulary from earlier in the week to write a menu for our hotels all with healthy, well balanced food.

Its been a great week guys, well done for all your hard work.