Week 3 afternoons with Emily


Welcome to “The Great Escape”!

On Monday we looked at different ways to escape from prison (dig a tunnel, climb the walls, dress up as a prison guard, break the bars, ask a friend to pick you up by helicopter, etc). Then we looked at Alcatraz prison island and did a quiz, in pairs you did online research to find the answers.

Then we designed the perfect high-security prison using vocabulary like electric fence, spikes, moat, barbed wire, anti-aircraft artillery, etc.

On Tuesday we started to make individual 3D maquettes of your high-security prison design. You used wire, foam bricks, ice lolly sticks, aluminium foil and metallic tape to create your prisons. See the photos below!

CAM14506 CAM14507 CAM14508 CAM14509 CAM14510 CAM14511


On Wednesday we finished making the prisons and started writing about them using new vocabulary like electric fence, reinforced concrete, snipers, gate, anti-aircraft missiles, etc. All very dramatic! See photos of prisons below :)

CAM14531 CAM14532 CAM14535 CAM14536 CAM14537 CAM14538 CAM14539 CAM14540 CAM14541 CAM14542 CAM14543 CAM14544


On Thursday you got into groups of 3, chose one of the prisons designed by another student and were given a set of objects (a stick of butter, a plastic spider, a parachute, a big spring, a nail file, a spoon, etc), using all these objects had to devise a way to escape from this prison, you all had very creative ideas! See the photos below :)

After the break we played a blindfold game, giving instructions (step left! turn right! walk forward!) you had to guide your blindfolded teammate through a maze (of tables and chairs) to help them escape from the room.

CAM14546 CAM14548 CAM14551 CAM14552 CAM14554


Friday – last day and presentation! Well done, it went really well and you all looked great in your stripey clothes and prisoner numbers on your back. The audience helped guide blindfolded prisoner Víctor through a maze of chairs to escape from prison, using the instructions you gave them (step forward, turn 90º left, step right, stop, etc). Then you gave each audience member an object to escape from jail with (e.g. rollerskates, butter, a parachute, some ice, a spoon, etc) and they went from table to table looking at your prison maquettes and trying to find a way to escape from each one. It definitely wasn’t easy :-/

Enjoy the rest of the summer course and have a great summer! :)