Week 2 – World Explorers with Emily (afternoons)

Hello and welcome to the second week!

On Monday we looked at native American Indians like the Navajo, Apache and Comanche tribes. We learnt about their history, traditions, beliefs and the areas in which they live. Then we made some really cool dreamcatchers with wire/plates, string, feathers and shells!


On Tuesday we moved south, to the Amazon. After playing charades with Amazon-related vocabulary we watched a short video about an undiscovered tribe and then learnt (and taught each other) about four different Amazon tribes and their cultures. We looked at photos and guessed what tribe they were from based on the descriptions we’d read earlier. Then we went out the the garden and in two groups made an Amazon tribal village out of sticks, stones, plasticine, spaghetti and leaves. See the photos below! :)


Wednesday! Today we looked at the Inuit (Eskimo) culture, first we did a blind-drawing activity using photos of things related to the Inuit. Then we watched a video about their lifestyle and culture and then in groups you did a quiz, both groups got 80% – you know a lot about the Inuit people :) Don’t forget they have around 50 words for snow!

Then in groups you planned and made igloos out of ice, see photos below!CAM14392 CAM14395 CAM14401



Today you split into groups of 3 and planned tomorrow’s presentation, researching more details about either an Amazon tribe, native North Americans or Inuits. Then you prepared a PowerPoint presentation and practised presenting to the rest of the class. Well done!