Week 2- That’s Showbiz with Tom (Mornings)

Day 1

Today everyone took part in a quiz about pop culture and show business, which are our themes for the week. During the day the students competed to answer questions about movies, music, sport and videogames. They also choose some scenes from popular movies like Cinderella and Harry Potter to recreate; and they also wrote a rap song.

Congratulations to Richard the Pop Singer Team for winning!

Day 2

Today we started our project to present on the last day, to write, produce, act and direct in a short film. We started by watching some of the best scenes from movies last year and discussing what was significant about them. They then got into groups and planned out an idea for their short film. They then wrote the script and planned what they will need when they film their scenes on Thursday.

Day 3

Today we went to the museum of illusions. It was really cool to take pictures next to wall and with the angle of the wall, it seemed as if you were part of the wall.

Day 4

Today was filming day. The kids spent the day recording their various scenes for their  movies. They worked really hard and managed to finish it all. Great job guys!

Day 5

Today was presentation day. Because  the kids had worked so hard yesterday we spent the day playing some interactive board games like Cranium. The kids also prepared their introductions for their movies that they presented. The films were great!