Week 2 – Pop Culture with Itchy


Today we talked a lot about the Pop Stars we listen to and played a few games where we had to guess the popstar by revealing squares over the picture and by playing the ´who am i?´sticker game.

We decided on a song we wanted to learn and printed out the lyrics. Then everyone had to present to the class what the song was about.

After that we played with Lyrics training where you have to fill in the missing lyrics before using the lyrics to create a completely new song.

Today we learnt some vocabulary about Music Award Ceremonies. We researched different kinds and the categories of the awards and who hosts them. Now the kids are preparing posters for their own music awards, choosing the categories, the nominees and winners and the hosts. They have also designed the award itself.


Today we continued to work on our posters and think about our awards show presentations. The girls want to pretend to be 5 or 6 celebrities for theirs so they have cut out their faces! The boys have decided their host is Barack Obama, which should be fun!

IMG_0006  IMG_0005


Today we finished the posters and tried to improvise the awards shows we want to put on tomorrow. the boys snuck into a different room to practice alone, but i managed to get a picture.