Week 2 – Pop Culture: That´s Showbiz! with Jess

Welcome to week 2 of camp! Our theme this week is That´s Showbiz, and we´re going to the Museum of Illusions!


Today we played some games to get to know each other and asked questions using paper airplanes and silent interviews. We talked about the expectations of our class and the types of games and activities that we like to do. We also talked about our theme this week and ranked the different aspects of pop culture, like movies, TV, games, sports, news, music, art and fashion. We played Find Someone Who to see what our new friends are interested in. We completed a pop culture quiz through a QR Code search around Oxford House to learn some new vocabulary and played a guessing game to practice question formation and looks like with celebrity baby photos. Then we read an article about pop art and tried to guess the titles of each paragraph. We shared the information on our papers with our classmates and looked at examples of pop art as well as some adjectives to describe them. Finally, we made our own examples of pop art, created an art gallery in our classroom and critiqued the work of each group. Great job!

IMG_0693 IMG_0692 IMG_0687  105269e5cad0204f07a74b6c2b9ac364--pop-art-movement-lichtenstein-pop-art


Today we reviewed all of the things we learned yesterday and talked a bit about music and when, where and why we listen to it. We watched a video of people being stopped in the street to see what types of music they listen to and practice our listening skills to recognize their reactions and responses. Then we talked about music in films and the types of music you hear in each. We studied the parts of a film, like characters, actors and actresses, plot, setting and climax. We did a treasure hunt around school to find pieces of a movie plot that we then put in order and finished with some missing words. Finally, we practiced the adverbs we learned in the example plot and watched a short film called Alike which prompted a conversation about social media and why we use it as well as the effect it has on us on a daily basis. We looked at Instagram specifically and saw some examples of funny photos and wrote our own captions for each. Well done!

IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0698 IMG_0699


Today we went to the Museum of Illusions and took photos with lots of different paintings and pictures. It was great fun, and then we made our own pictures to create an Oxford House Museum of Illusions! Well done!

IMG_0733  IMG_0737 IMG_0707 IMG_0728 IMG_0703 IMG_0730 IMG_0738


Today we reviewed with a Kahoot quiz to practice everything we´ve learned this week. Then we started our projects for open doors tomorrow. We invented a movie and came up with the plot, setting, climax and characters. We´re going to be the actors! We made instagram frames to take photos of ourselves shooting our films on location and are excited to present them to you tomorrow!

IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0756


Today we finished our presentations and played some review games like scattergories and charades. We presented our films and Instagram accounts, and everyone did a FANTASTIC job! Well done this week and we´ll see you again on Monday!

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