Week 1 Yummy Food with Emily

Hi guys!

Yesterday we had a lot of fun looking at different types of food, playing some matching words/pictures and running games in the garden, talking about food being “sweet” or “savory”. Then we went to the shop to find one food for each letter of the alphabet. Then we watched the Simpsons and identified a lot of different types of food. At the end of the lesson we looked at the ingredients of gazpacho, Spanish omellete, paella and rice pudding.


Today we watched some short videos which showed recipes for cookies, ice cream, toast and egg, and microwave brownies. Then we looked at the different ingredients in microwave brownies and put the different steps in the correct order, copying it onto a worksheet. Then we went to the shop to buy the ingredients. After that we made the brownies step-by-step in the garden and went to the kitchen to cook them in the microwave. We spent the last part of the lesson eating our brownies in the garden and talking about food.

See you tomorrow!