Week 1- Pushing the limits with Tom (Mornings)

Day 1

We firstly did a pushing the limits competition where everybody got in groups to complete challenges. This was really good as everyone got to know each other and have some fun too. We then looked at some inspirational people who have pushed the limits in their field. The kids did some research to find out more about people like Elon Musk, Killian Jornet, J.K. Rowling and then they each did a presentation about their particular person.

Day 2

Today we focused on entrepreneurship! This is an area where people try to push the limits to produce something new that is unique and can sometimes help many people. We watched a part of a British reality TV show called ‘Dragon’s Den’ where people pitch their ideas to successful multi-millionaires who decide (or don’t) to invest in new products. After looking at the sales pitch the kids were given an invention to do a sales pitch about.

We finished the day by getting into groups and creating companies (and mission statements). They also started to think of some ideas for new, innovative products that push the limits.

Day 3

Today we went to the Olympic museum! It was great to see all of the memorabilia from the 92 Olympic Games and other through history. We started with a guided-tour around the museum and then we had some time to look around the exhibits and enjoy some of the activities that the museum had to offer.

Day 4

Today, we focused on developing our products to present tomorrow. We divided the groups so that everyone was responsible for different things related to the product like Finance, marketing and design. Everyone developed their ideas and I think we’ll be ready for tomorrow.

Day 5

Presentation Day! We spent today finishing off our presentations. In our groups we had to prepare an introduction to their product and their business. Also, they had to be able to answer questions about their product that they will be asked during the presentation.