Week 1 – Pushing the Limits with Jess!

Welcome to week 1 of summer camp! Our theme this week is Pushing the Limits.


Today we got to know each other through a few fun activities like questions on paper airplanes and silent interviews. Then we went through the class rules and expectations as well as things we like to do in class. We talk about the Olympics and what we knew about them and then completed a QR code quiz with questions that we found around Oxford House. We read some facts about the Olympics and repeated them to our partners, after which we learned some new vocabulary related to the values of the Olympic sports. We did a matching activity and talked about whether or not those values are important in all sports and also in our lives. We practiced phrases like I think so and I don´t think so as well as some conditionals and lots of new vocabulary. We researched some sports and explained them to the class, describing how you play, what you need and whether or not they represent the values of the Olympic games. Finally, we completed our own mini Olympics with a range of activities like a spelling bee, tongue twisters, a sock toss, a jumping competition and a maths competition. The gold medal was awarded to Antoni, Silver to Enric and Bronze to Helena!

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Today we reviewed all of the vocabulary and phrases we learned yesterday as well as the alphabet (we all needed a bit of practice!). We talked about pushing our limits and how some people aim to push their own limits while others choose to cheat! We went on a treasure hunt to find clues that led us to some interesting articles about famous cheaters, including Rosie Ruiz who cheated at the Boston marathon in 1980. We put the paragraphs in the correct order and matched them to some photos and then explained the articles to our classmates. We talked about whether or not it´s as difficult to cheat today as it was for these famous cheaters. Then we talked about pushing the limits of natural human ability and watched a video about 10 people with superhuman powers. We did a vocabulary matching activity to help us understand the video and then wrote down what we remembered for each person after we watched. Then we conducted some experiments including a memory test, reaction test, ice water test and breath holding test to see how close we could get to the superhuman abilities we learned about. We made predictions to see which test would be the easiest/most difficult and compared the results to our original predictions. Finally, we discussed the role of technology in different aspects of our lives and how it can be an advantage and a disadvantage. We discussed sports specifically to help us start preparing our final projects as well as an art project that was designed using photos from Google maps. We spoke about whether or not this is ethical. We ended with a review game of charades! Don´t forget to be on time tomorrow to head to the Olympic Museum!!

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Today we went to the Olympic Museum! We learned all about the history of the Olympics and about the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. We watched some cool videos and got to complete some Olympic challenges.

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Today we did some review and played running dictation to start the class. Then we made tables in our notebooks with the questions we wrote down form our running dictation and answered them after watching some different adverts from the Olympics. We practiced with future forms and answered some questions about photos that represented the future of sports. We also did some brainstorming to start our presentations for Friday and began preparing posters and interviews. Well done everyone!

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Today we played a review game and finished our presentations! Everyone did an excellent job at open doors and during the entire week. We hope you had fun! See you again on Monday!

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