Week 1 Pushing the Limits with Itchy

Welcome to the 1st week of camp!! the theme this week is Pushing the Limits.


Today we talked about Olympic Mascots. We started by getting to know each other a little by telling each a true and false fact about ourselves and asking each other questions. First we discovered lots of Olympic mascots and tried to guess if they were for the Winter or Summer Olympics. Then we did a dictation about mascots and talked about what they do, what they represent and how they are created. Everyone then researched and did a presentation on one of them, telling us about the idea behind them, the link between the name and the city/Olympics and something interesting about them.

In the final part of the class we tried to create our own mascot for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. We brainstormed some ideas about Japanese culture and how we could create a name from that and what they might mean. The class had a lot of ideas, for example: Robots to represent the technology of Japan, cherry blossoms to represent the natural side and traditions of the culture, koi carp to represent a traditional animal and many more. They decided on a Koi Carp called Sakura (the japanese word for Cherry Blossom). He came from a mysterious pond in Japan and enjoyed wearing Kimonos…







Today we talked about amazing Olympic stories. Helena researched and talked about the Mo Farah 10000 metre race where he fell over and still won gold! Alexey talked about a really exciting swimming race where USA made a huge comeback against France, and Helena chose the first ´perfect 10´in Gymnastics.

Once we had our stories we watched the videos and talked about them before thinking about how to write the news story. We then wrote some Headlines and chose our favourite. After that we wrote the Strapline, and the 1st and 2nd paragraphs. we talked about how they tell the story as quickly as possible and get more detailed using who/what/when/why/where/how.


Below is a picture or our straplines and the guys working on their stories.





Today was all about commentating. To start we tried to identify sports only by listening to their commentary. Then everyone imagined they were a commentator and commentating on a sport off the top off their head so the others could try and guess which sport it was. Then we practiced commentating in ‘real time’ by inventing the sport ‘Garden Walking’. Everyone walked around the garden in whatever way they wanted whilst the others commentated on their actions. I think we may have invented a pretty decent new sport…

Finally we started to think about how to commentate on our chosen Olympic moment and practised doing it together, and introducing the event before our studio camera.





Today we wrote the scripts for our TV interviews/post event discussions. Helena and Helena will be talking about the gymnastics and swimming, Alexy will then introduce the swimming. After that everyone will watch and commentate on the swimming. So the second half of today was practising that.




Presentation day! We spent the day finishing our presentations (the second presentation of the day for Helena, Helena and Alexey!).