Saturday January 28

Today we did lots of fun things in English class! We practiced the months of the year and the correct spelling of each with a competition on the board. Then we played a game in teams to practice saying dates with ordinal numbers (January first, October twenty sixth, etc.). Then we started a new topic of free time activities and brainstormed examples of things we like to do in our own free time. We watched a video of other students from England talking about their favorite free time activities and tried to remember all of them. Then we made posters of all the things we like doING and don´t like doING to practice the structure like/don´t like + verb(ING). We gave examples like playing video games, reading, doing homework, playing football, basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. Then we learned some adverbs of frequency (always, often, sometimes, hardly ever, never) and played an active game to run around the classroom and put them in order. We did a worksheet to give examples of things we always, sometimes, never, do. Well done!


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