Saturday February 4

Today we reviewed dates and free time activities and did an activity to practice adverbs of frequency (always, sometimes, never, etc). We searched for examples of free time activities throughout the school and used them in our worksheets. Then we started a new topic – telling time! We practiced together on the board, did a worksheet to test ourselves and made our own clocks to test each other! We practiced asking “What time is it?”. Then we practiced forming questions and completed a daily routine survey with our classmates to see what time they do their homework, go to school, have lunch, etc. Finally, we played some games to review everything we´ve done in the past few weeks. Some of us had lots of points on Classdojo, so we got to choose the games! Great job today. Have a nice weekend!20170204_111615 20170204_115436 20170204_122236 20170204_122915 20170204_124019 20170204_124028