En esta página destacamos nuestros recursos preferidos para niños y jóvenes que quieren aprender inglés y para sus padres.

Para alumnos de primaria
English word games, quizzes, songs, printable worksheets, resources for
parents and teachers
Online games and puzzle for primary aged children
Have fun and learn English too with games, songs, stories and activities.
Motivate children to read with phonics, and develop their English language skills
Vocabulary review of common English topics
Interative videos to practice the numbers, colours, etc.
Games for kids based on children´s tv programmes
Games, stories, and video for kids
Sing along videos practicing English vocabualry such as numbers, the house, animals, etc
Read student created comics online
Various games and activities for kids
Video story books


Para alumnos de secundaria

To practice listening skills with popular music.
Online practice for listening, reading, speaking, and writing
Online guess who game
Online website featuring online exercises to practice grammar skills, and listening skills with video-based practice
Practice listening to everyday conversations at easy, medium, and difficult levels
Create English subtitles for clips of bollywood films
Create your own online animation video
Grammar practice exercises online
Grammar reference and practice exercies
Dictionary and translator with user created forums discussing word usage
Newstories to practice listening comprehension
Articles to develop reading skills
Online vocabulary and pronunciation activities
Vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and writing practice
Online dictionary
News website featuring articles and videos
Website featuring the front page of newspapers around the world
News videos reporting the news from multiple sources
News videos
Recorded speeches in English from experts around the world discussing the current trends in science, entertainment, and design. Most videos have options of subtitles.
Online grammar exercises

Online basic grammar exercises