P3 with Amy & Julia – March

Thursday 2nd

Today we sang a song called ‘Open, Close’ to practice body parts and actions, very useful when opening and closing those bags and lunchboxes!

Tuesday 7th

Today we learnt a new song called ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, it has lots of fun actions! We also read a very sweet book about a rocking horse who wants to run, dance and play!

Thursday 9th

Today we learnt a new song called ‘The Number Rock’ and read a funny counting book about insects.

Tuesday 14th

Today we sang our ‘Number Rock’ song again and Julia and I were stunned at how well everyone could do it when we’ve only sung it once before! We also learnt some classroom vocabulary (table, door, chair, window, teacher, book) and read a book about a naughty boy.

Thursday 16th

Today we learnt some shapes – circle, triangle and square. We also watched the video below and pointed to all the shapes in it, and played a funny passing game. We also practised saying ‘blue triangle, red square’ etc to practise adjective + noun.