P3 with Amy & Julia – March

Thursday 2nd

Today we sang a song called ‘Open, Close’ to practice body parts and actions, very useful when opening and closing those bags and lunchboxes!

Tuesday 7th

Today we learnt a new song called ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, it has lots of fun actions! We also read a very sweet book about a rocking horse who wants to run, dance and play!

Thursday 9th

Today we learnt a new song called ‘The Number Rock’ and read a funny counting book about insects.

Tuesday 14th

Today we sang our ‘Number Rock’ song again and Julia and I were stunned at how well everyone could do it when we’ve only sung it once before! We also learnt some classroom vocabulary (table, door, chair, window, teacher, book) and read a book about a naughty boy.

Thursday 16th

Today we learnt some shapes – circle, triangle and square. We also watched the video below and pointed to all the shapes in it, and played a funny passing game. We also practised saying ‘blue triangle, red square’ etc to practise adjective + noun.

Tuesday 21st

Today was open doors and everyone did a FANTASTIC job!!

Thursday 23rd

In today’s class¬†Julia read a really funny book to us about a chicken who doesn’t have any eggs so goes looking for some. There was lots of great vocabulary for us to practise together about animals and colours.

Tuesday 28th

Today we started learning adjectives for feelings – happy, sad, angry, sleepy, cold, hot and hungry. We also sang a new song called, ‘If you’re happy and you know it.’

Thursday 30th

Today we kept on learning the emotion adjectives and drew happy, sad and angry faces. We also learnt some vocabulary for toys and read a story book about birthday presents. Finally, we had a great game of musical chairs. What a fun class!