P3 with Amy & Julia – February

Thursday 2nd

Today we sang our hobbies song again, everyone is getting very good at it! We also sang ‘BINGO’, practised action verbs, and read a story about a sad tiger.

Tuesday 7th

Today we sang a new song which Julia and I used to sing when we were younger called ‘The Hokey Cokey’ – it was lots of fun! We also read a book about a hungry cat who’s trying to catch a bird, and our ‘what do you like to do’ song. Great work today, everyone!

Thursday 9th

Today we practised ‘How old are you?’ a lot, then made birthday cakes with our names on them!

Tuesday 14th

In this class we started a new project, our alphabet book. We also started learning how to put adjectives before nouns by reading a book called ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ and played a fun passing game with pictures of different coloured animals.

Thursday 16th

More practice of Brown Bear today, everyone is really starting to master putting colours before nouns which is fantastic. We also played a game where we had to make animal noises and guess the animal, and sang The Animal Song – do you remember it from last year?

Tuesday 21st

Today we read a REALLY funny book called ‘Who’s In The Loo?’ about children trying to guess who’s taking so long in the bathroom! Then we watched a great video called ‘Whose feet?’ and a sequel, ‘Whose mouth?’, pausing them at each stage to shout out the name of the animal. Everyone was so good at guessing and we had such a great time! I would recommend watching these videos at home.

Thursday 23rd

Today we read a story about two rabbits who can’t sleep because everyone on the farm is making too much noise! Then we sang our ‘Five Little Ducks’ song. Finally, we played a speaking chain game where we all had to ask each other our names and say ‘My name is ____ ‘ – fantastic work, everyone had made such good progress with saying full phrases this term!

Tuesday 28th