Our Earth with Emily (afternoons)

Hi guys!

This week we are looking at the history of our earth, especially the people and animals that inhabited it in the past.



Today we looked at evolution and played some running games to match words to pictures, then we put the words in order depending on “what came first” (the sun, the earth, bacteria, fish, insects, dinosaurs, birds, primates, humans, etc). Then we watched a clip from The Simpsons and made a story board about the evolution of Homer Simpson from single-celled organism to couch potato. After that we did some online research (in groups) about the process of evolution.



We looked at early humans and did a question/answer mingling game to complete a chart about different early humans. Then we wrote a diary entry about “a day in the life of a caveman/woman) and watched a short clip showing how cave people lived. After that we looked at some famous cave paintings and tried to imagine what message the painter was trying to convey. Then we played a fun game in which each of you were given a message (e.g. “where is the river?” “the baby is crying” “there’s a dangerous animal behind you” “We need to gather more berries” and “today I hunted a mammoth”, etc) which, using chalk on the ground in the patio, you had to convey to your classmates without words, making a cave painting!!



Ice Age! The difference between an ice and The Ice Age, you did online research in groups about ice ages, animals and extinction. Then we did a treasure hunt in the garden for facts about ice ages. After the break we sat down in the garden and talked about ice ages and evolution (which you all had a lot of questions about!) and you each created your own “ice age in a plastic cup” – using anything you could find from the garden (sticks, stone,s flowers, leaves, etc) and you each made a plasticine ice age animal and put it in the cup too. The cups are now in the freezer and tomorrow we’ll melt them and see what happens!