Mollie K3 Monday and Wednesday

Class Summary Monday 3rd April

Today we did a lesson transport. We talked about the different modes of transport, how to use them, different vocab for different countries e.g. underground/subway/metro and the cleanest/most polluted transport. We did a transport survey to find out how you got to school, a word search and a transport quiz.

Marc gave out lollies for his birthday!

No homework today!


Class Summary Wednesday 5th April


Today we spoke about what Easter means for us and you drew 5 pictures each to show me and explained them. Then we did an Easter True or False Quiz. To finish you did an Eatsre egg hunt and Marc and Pau won a Kinder Egg. Everyone else got some chocolate money.



Write a menu of what you eat at Eatsre e.g. Starter: asparagus soup, Main: Roast Leg of Lamb, Dessert: Chocolate Easter egg


Write an Easter poem. Start each line with the letters of Easter. E.g: