K4 – Trinity level 6 (B1.2)

Language functions

  • Expressing and requesting opinions and impressions
  • Expressing intention and purpose
  • Expressing obligation and necessity
  • Expressing certainty and uncertainty
  • Describing past actions over a period of time


  • Zero and first conditionals, using if and when
  • Review of present perfect and past simple tenses
  • Present continuous tense for future use
  • Past continuous tense
  • Modals connect to the functions listed above, e.g. must, need to, might, don’t have to
  • Infinitive of purpose


  • Further expressions relating to future time, e.g. the day after tomorrow, in a year’s time etc.
  • Common phrasal verbs
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Fashion
  • Rules and regulations
  • Health and fitness


  • Correct pronunciation of common words relevant to the lexis above
  • Sentence stress to clarify meaning
  • Basic intonation and features of connected speech
  • Intonation patterns of more complex question forms