K1/2 with Amy – November

November 2nd

Today we watched a little video about a boy learning to ride a bike, and learnt some new vocabulary (ride a bike, skate, skateboard, play tennis, play football). Then we did lots of speaking and asked everyone what they can and can’t do!

November 7th

In this class we practised the vocabulary again and concentrated really hard on the answers to questions ‘Yes, I can’ or ‘No, I can’t’. We also read a book about a dog who thinks he can do everything better than his friends, called ‘I’m The Best!’

November 14th

Today we did some pronunciation practice of ch, sh and th. It was really fun! Then we read a book about toys and tried to guess what they were. After that we read about outdoor toys and completed some questions about them. Finally we played a really great game of pictionary. Well done today, everyone!

November 16th

Today we learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe our schools and the subjects we study there.

We also sang a new song called ‘At Our School’

November 21st

Today we revised our new vocabulary by playing lots of games, and practised our new song. We also talked about what school subjects we liked and didn’t like. Well done today, everyone!

November 23rd

In this class we played a fun dice game, revised the school vocabulary, sang our new song, and practised some simple prepositions – in, on and under.

We also watched this video together: