K1.2 with Amy – March

Wednesday 1st

Today we kept on with our places in a town vocabulary, did a puzzle maze, matched jobs to places and started learning a new song called, ‘Places To Go’.

Monday 6th

Today we started work on our posters, which consolidate a lot of the work we’ve done this term – the time, daily routine, jobs, places in a town and 3rd person. We started by choosing the jobs we were interested in and drawing pictures of them. We also played a fun game with scrabble letters where we raced to the board to spell things.

Wednesday 9th

Today we kept on going with our posters, and learnt a fun new game involving chairs, speaking and listening, and a lot of running around!

Monday 13th

Today we finished our posters by imagining, discussing and writing the daily routine we imagine for our chosen jobs. We also practised introducing each other, and saying where people work.

Wednesday 15th

Open doors tonight and everyone did a FANTASTIC job! Well done! We sang, danced, and talked about daily routines, jobs and places in a town. Great work.

Monday 20th

Today we did some review of jobs and places, talked about what jobs were important, completed a cartoon and read a book about a rocking horse who wants to be real!