Emily’s week 5 morning group – Olympics!

Hi guys!

Yesterday we looked at the Greek origins and history of the Olympic Games, we watched a short documentary, read a text, did a wordsearch, looked at pictures and compared the ancient games to the modern ones.

We also played “memory” with sports words.

Then you split into pairs and researched the summer olympics, winter olympics and paralympics, created powerpoint presentations and presented them to the rest of the class. Well done!


Today (Tuesday) we started by finding out information (and things in common) about Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé, you all found out that they had sung a song together called “Barcelona” which was used in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. We listened to the song on Lyrics Training and guessed the missing words. Mariona got goosebumps from this song!

Then we watched an impressive time-lapse video of how a lot of areas of Barcelona were transformed for the Olympics and discussed if the games were a good thing for the city.

After that you got into pairs, researched online and made a poster about many different aspects of the Barcelona Olympic Games, good work!


Today we had a great time at the swimming pool in Montjuïc! Lots of splashing, racing and diving. See you all tomorrow! :)



Today you each did a personalized “what’s your ideal sport” quiz and had quite different results! http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/olympics-sport.aspx

Then we looked at (only) the names of some very strange sports, like “zorbing”, “wife carrying”, “extreme ironing”, “mud pit belly flop” and “giant pumpkin regatta” and you had a minute to draw what you thought the sport was. Then we watched videos of each of them to see how good your guesses were!

After that we went outside, did an egg and spoon race (with raw eggs, eew!), Mariona and Xuyi won. Then we created a paper piste on the steps and did cheese rolling with babybels – Asal, Helena and Joana won!

Then you split into two groups and were given a choice of object with which you had to invent a new sport. You decided on “donut hoopla” and “cherry tennis” – tomorrow you will perfect these sports and teach them to the audience. You also created posters to present the history and rules of this sport.

Well done!




Great presentations, guys! Today you practised and did your presentations. We also played a charades game and watched some short clips from Olympic opening ceremonies.

Have a great summer! :)