Emily’s week 4 rainforest group – mornings


On Monday we did a LOT of research into rainforests, the different layers and fun facts about tropical forests (including a treasure hunt in the garden, hunting among the leaves and branches). We also played games in which we had to guess the animal written on our head by asking “yes/no” questions. Then we made an informative poster of the rainforest and its different layers, using stones, sticks, seeds and leaves from the garden.


On Tuesday we looked at Amazon tribes, their way of life, beliefs and external threats, we did a fun running dictation in the garden about indigenous communities around the world. Then, after watching a video about an Amazon tribe, we did a collaborative learning exercise in which you mingled and taught each other a lot of information about Amazon tribes. Then, for the last part of the morning, in pairs, we prepared our zoo trip, checking out their website and deciding which animals we would like to learn more about during tomorrow’s trip.
Wednesday – trip to the zoo! It was a lot of fun :) We looked at a lot of animals but concentrated on the living conditions of the blue poison dart frog and the chimpanzees, writing about how they must feel and how we could change their enclosures to improve their quality of life in the zoo. When we came back to the school for 15 minutes we drew pictures of the “ideal enclosure” for different animals.


Thursday – After playing a fun moving game in the garden (in which you all ran around doing crazy animal actions!) we watched a 15-minute documentary about the effects of deforestation on habitat and chimpanzees in Borneo. Then we talked about threats to the rainforest and how we can help save the rainforests. In pairs, you then spent the rest of the morning planning and creating your “rainforest” presentations for tomorrow – two groups have prepared informative beautiful posters and the other two groups have made great Powerpoint presentations – well done!