Day one and two of Globetrotters with Tom

On the first day we did a World Quiz where students were asked question about geography, brands, map-making and music of the world. I then showed them my wishlist of things I want to do when I visit Tokyo. Students had to discuss in groups about the various things and try to deduce the weird and wonderful things I want to do in Tokyo. Finally, students had to think of a place they have never been and make a wishlist of their own.

On the second day we learnt about the United Nations. Students first discussed what they knew about the UN. They also did a true or false quiz about the UN to further their knowledge of it. We then looked at the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were set up in 2000-2015 by the UN to help improve the world, especially developing countries. They then made graphs of the change to see if the goals were met. After that they were split into nations and had to research about their nation and its relationships with other countries. They then thought of 3 new goals that would benefit their nation to be added to the new list of goals the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).