Day 4 with Dan – Hands on with the heart

Today we finished our fitness tests by doing the sitting reach (for flexibility) and the online reaction test. We then calculated some of the results from yesterday e.g. the speed and recovery time. After we discussed and compared our results and wrote an evaluation about what we found out, what surprised us, what we enjoyed etc.

Next we reviewed all the heart vocabulary and did a little test – which everyone did extremely well in! We then went outside and dissected a real pigs heart. It was great to see (and touch) some of the different sections of the heart that we had been learning about. The chambers weren’t easy to spot but the aorta and pulmonary arteries certainly were!

Finally we looked at ‘Oxygen’s Epic Journey around the body’ and did a sentence ordering activity. We used the sentences to highlight all the different elements which take place and assigned roles to different characters.

I can’t wait to see some of you tomorrow for the parents presentations!