Daredevils with Corinne: Week 4

Day 4

Today we played a word game to practice different parts of sentences and then started filming our videos! The filming took quite a while to get finished. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow at 4pm.

Day 3

Today we played a couple more kahoot games and then played “Blind Chicken” to see who really dared to trust their classmates’ directions.

After the break we continued with our research about the daredevils and started planning on what we would like to say in a documentary about these people.

Day 2

We played some Kahoot games related to extreme sports and also extreme activities do. Some of these quizzes asked about our own personal experiences, so we got to share with everyone! We also played a vocabulary game to see which team could come up with the most words.

Later we started looking at some famous daredevils and picked one for each of us to research.

Day 1

Today we played some games to get to know each other. We later elicited the meaning of “daredevil” and played Truth or Dare. At the end of class we talked about the most daring things we’ve ever done or daring people that we know.

Ask your child what the difference is between “gross/disgusting” and “daring”!