Carlit with Régine on Monday

In class we talked about the letter B and sounds that animals make.  Then we talked Bumble bees what they can and can’t do.  We practiced the song and played lots of games to help ues remember the song.  Then when make a bee so that we could sing the song.

Mollie K3 Tuesday and Thursday

Class Summary Tuesday 7th February Today we started with the Fly swatter game. You had to run and hit the answer to the question. We also looked at speech and exclamation bubbles to use in our comics. Then we carried on with our comics. Homework Read the description of your superhero name and the superhero […]

K4 Thursdays with Ingrid

We did some new vocabulary about animals and then watched a wildlife video which Mario found really exciting. We then played a Kahoot testing his knowledge on Harry Potter . Pretty good! Then we finished the class designing and making a Christmas card for his parents.

14th 16th with Ian

In the class we revised wh- questions. We made fortunetellers and wrote the sentences inside. We then used these to practice speaking. After this we revised imperatives and descriptions using different activities to activate this knowledge.

K1/2 with Amy – November

November 2nd Today we watched a little video about a boy learning to ride a bike, and learnt some new vocabulary (ride a bike, skate, skateboard, play tennis, play football). Then we did lots of speaking and asked everyone what they can and can’t do! November 7th In this class we practised the vocabulary again […]

Halloween Fun and Getting Know You Session

Halloween Fun and Getting Know You Session

Hello everyone, I am the new teacher for the 4th grade English class. It has been great to meet my friendly and helpful students this week. On Monday we played a few games to get to know each other and on Wednesday we discussed our feelings about Halloween and took part in several Halloween games […]

Monday with Régine at carlit

Hi today in class we practiced halloween vocabulary: witch, black cat, vampire, spooky, monster, ghost, jack o’lantern… We played memory games and then we did a worksheet.  We listened to the song with the vocabulary.  Then we played musical chairs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPRaY5QWKIk Finally we made our own jack o’lanterns with orange paper. We had lots of […]

Tues and Thurs Oct 18/20 with Jess

Thursday October 20 with Jess

Mollie M&W Week 3

Class Summary for Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th On Monday we started with the Mime Game. Everyone had to act out a silly phrase and everyone else had to guess in English! Then we looked at minimal pairs, such as coffee and copy. We practiced the pronunciation and then played Bingo! Then we started to […]