Teens Week 4 – The World Around Us

Discovery “our world” afternoons with Emily

On Monday we looked at lots of different types of freak weather phenomena and natural disasters (fire tornadoes, sinkholes, raining frogs, earthquakes, tsunamis, fallstreak holes), in pairs you researched and created powerpoint presentations to explain each phenomenon. On Tuesday we looked at ways (building methods, materials, city planning, emergency services, escape routes, etc) to create […]

Week 4 The World Around Us with Tom (mornings)

Day 1 Today we started out by doing a quiz all about Geography to see how much we knew about the world around us and learned some new things too! We started by doing a Geography round which asked various questions about countries, capitals, flags, population and geographical features of our planet. We then did […]

Week 4 – Discovery, The World Around us with Itchy

Week 4 – Discovery, The World Around us with Itchy

Monday Today we played some games to get to know each other and learn each other´s names. Then we did a Wildlife quiz. We created our own quiz and answered more questions about nature, animals and wildlife in general before learning a bit about the different Habitats in the world and the different categories of […]