Teens Week 5 – Going for Gold

Emily’s week 5 morning group – Olympics!

Hi guys! Yesterday we looked at the Greek origins and history of the Olympic Games, we watched a short documentary, read a text, did a wordsearch, looked at pictures and compared the ancient games to the modern ones. We also played “memory”¬†with sports words. Then you split into pairs and researched the summer olympics, winter […]

Week 5 Teens with Tom

Day 1 Today we did an Olympian quiz that challenged mental strength, physical prowess and speed when using English. We also started finding out about suitable cities that would be perfect for future Olympic Games which we will be developing during the week. Day 2 We started by giving each person in the group roles […]

Week 5 – Going for Gold! with Taylor

Week 5 – Going for Gold! with Taylor

Hi All, Welcome to Week 5 –Going for Gold! Monday We kicked off the week by talking about what intelligence means. Some people think it’s memorizing facts, while others think it’s all about maths and languages! Did you know that a psychologist named Howard Gardner actually has a theory that there are 8 types of […]

Week 5 – Going for Gold! (with PHIL)

Day 1 We started this action packed week by playing a few games to help us to get to know each other a little better and also break the ice. We then watched a few videos about advances in technology, psychology and age before completing a quiz. To finish the day we created posters about […]