Teens Week 2 – Globetrotters

Day four of Globetrotters with Tom

After visiting Poble Español yesterday we started the class today by reviewing it. We found that there were some things that we could improve. So students got into groups and chose a country. They had to make a village that represents the various architecture and culture of their chosen country (similar to Poble Español). When […]

Day one and two of Globetrotters with Tom

On the first day we did a World Quiz where students were asked question about geography, brands, map-making and music of the world. I then showed them my wishlist of things I want to do when I visit Tokyo. Students had to discuss in groups about the various things and try to deduce the weird […]

Week 2 with Becca – Globetrotters

Monday We started the morning with some fun icebreakers and games to get to know each other! We then brainstormed countries and things we relate to each of them which led onto a game of taboo. We split into teams and had to guess the famous landmark – we then carried out some research online […]

Corinne Globe Trotters

Hello! Sorry for the late post- I had posted Tuesday and Wednesday’s activies, but they didn’t save correctly! Thursday: Today we finished our budget and started working on our pamplets. Now that we have all our information, we’re ready to do our skits tomorrow! I hope everyone can come. Wednesday: Today we played Taboo to […]