Teens Week 1 – Unearthing the Past

Day 4 and 5 of Unearthing the past

On Thursday we advanced into the age of exploration! The land was starting to run out of resources due to over-farming and overpopulation. So groups needed to prepare a voyage to find a new world. Before going on the journey they had to plan what they were going to need to bring on the voyage […]

Day 3 of Unearthing the past with Tom

Today we went to the Mammoth Museum. It was really interesting and we learnt some cool stuff about mammoths and other animals from the Paleolithic Age. For example, did you know that modern-day elephants do not descend from mammoths. It is actually mammoths that descend from a species of African elephant.

Day 1 and 2 of Unearthing the past with Tom

Hi Parents!   So far this week the class have been grouped together to form tribes. On the first day we started in the Stone Age. Each tribe had to research this period and decide which areas they specialize in (warriors, farmers, hunters). In order to start trading students first had to build a bridge. […]

Week 1 Teens with Becca – Unearthing the Past

Week 1 Teens with Becca – Unearthing the Past

Monday This afternoon we started the class with a few icebreakers and games to get to know each other! We then moved onto a scavenger hunt to find clues about this weeks topic around the school. After putting together the clues, we worked out and discussed the topic  – The Paleolithic Age / The Stone Age […]