Tuesday 5th & 6th Grade with Ian

Tuesday 1st with Ian

In this class we started by creating paper aeroplanes. Then we created different zones around the room worth different amounts of points. We then took it in turns to answer a series of questions with either a grammar or vocabulary focus. If the answer was correct the students had an opportunity to pick a target […]

Tuesday 24th with Ian

Due to the fact that NOBODY had a pencil or pen, we decided to save the comic strip designing till next week and instead work on some language revision. We played a new game that focused on producing different sentence structures. The idea was that one student was asked questions and wasn’t allowed to say […]

Tuesday 17th with Ian

We have just started our comic book project! We began by listing different abilities a superhero might have. We then designed our hero. We gave them a name, special abilities, an age, and an enemy. We then took it in turns to introduce our superheroes to the class and describe them.

Tuesday 10th with Ian

We kicked off our first class by talking about new years resolutions. We wrote down a list of things we would like to do during the next year and placed them inside a secure time vessel. We finished the class by refreshing language that we had learnt before the holidays.

Tuesdays with Ian

We’ve been focusing on “going to” for future plans and incorporating this into activities that use country/place names. When then practiced describing people. We learnt a lot of new vocab which we used in a game of I spy to finish of the lesson. Behaviour is quite good and they all seem to be engaged. […]

15th with Ian

In this class we revised much of what we have studied so far. We revised colours, instructions, descriptions and wh questions.

8th with Ian

In the class we revised wh- questions. We made fortunetellers and wrote the sentences inside. We then used these to practice speaking. After this we revised imperatives and descriptions using different activities to activate this knowledge.

Mondays with Ian

A great class with lots of energy! We practiced prepositions and then looked at some spoooookey vocabulary. We activated these new words with some haunted Halloween games!

Tuesdays with Ian

This week we kept very active. We repeated language games that we played the previous week and included some other new ones. We finished playing Dixit; a game that uses a lot of creativity in language production. The class did really well and have become a great pleasure to teach. We do need to try […]

Week 2 with Ian

A really good lesson! The students’ really worked hard and their behaviour was fantastic. We started by playing a game to wake us up. We quickly moved onto another game that introduces and practices the use of prepositions. After this activity we looked at question formation. We wrote three answers to three questions, mixed the […]