Tuesday 2nd-4th Grade with Alana

Tuesday 25th

Hello!! Today we started the class with singing `Happy Birthday´to Razvan We then got creative and created our own bingo cards, which we then played with. The children loved this and it was a great way to revise some vocabulary from last term! See you all next week!!

18th April

Welcome back everyone!! Today we spoke about the fun things we did over the Easter holiday We then played a fun game with paper airplanes to revise vocabulary from last term – the children loved it! See you all next week!

Tuesday 28th March

Hello!! Today we continued with our new topic – Jobs. We practiced the jobs from last week and we also learnt some new jobs – dentist, fisherman, shop assistant and farmer. We ended the class with a fun game using this vocabulary. See you all next week

Tuesday 21st March

Hello!! Today we learned some new vocabulary “Jobs”. We then played a fun memory game with the new words that we had learned. The children loved playing this game! Today I also gave out the reports. Well done everyone – you´ve all done really well this term See you next week!!

Tuesday 14th March

Hello! Today we had Open Doors! The children had fun showing you what we have been learning and you were all brilliant!! Well done everyone!! Thank you to all the parents that came – we hope to see you all again at the next open doors!! See you all next week

Tuesday 7th March

Hello!! Yesterday we revised telling the time along with our daily routines. The children enjoyed completing the different times on the clocks and then we played a fun game using time and daily routines. We hope to see you all next week, so we can show you what we´ve been learning  

Tuesday 28th February

Hello! Yesterday as it was pancake day we had a fun lesson learning about pancakes and why in England we eat them on pancake day. We then played a fun game called ‘pancake flip’. The children loved this! We ended the class with a quick revision of time and completed a worksheet with time and […]

Tuesday 14th February

Hello!! On Tuesday as it was Valentine’s Day we had a creative lesson. We first learnt some vocabulary about Valentine’s Day – love, cards, flowers, chocolates etc. We then made some beautiful cards for our friends and family. We hope you liked them See you next week!!

31st January

Hello! On Tuesday we revised `daily routines´. We then played a fun game of matching the pictures to the routines. We ended the class with miming and acting out the pictures.

17th January

Hi everyone!! We started this term with our fun 2017 calendars – we hope you liked them This week we revised clothes and seasons. We then played a game with the type of clothes you were in winter, summer, spring and autumn! See you all next week!!