Thursday P5 with Ian

Thursday 2nd with Ian

This week we continue to practice different animals. We have a new game to play which is really fun and a song to practice!

Thursday 26th with Ian

We focused on animals and numbers. We started a new song to help remember the different animals. We completed a work sheet by finding and counting the different animals.

Thursday 19th with Ian

We spent today´s lesson revising last weeks vocab and introduced some more new food words. I was very impressed with how much they remembered! We then had a treasure (food)  hunt. Afterwards we constructed paper aeroplanes. Using the chalk board as our target, we answered vocabulary questions in order to have a chance to hit […]

Thursday 12th with Ian

We started our first class by revising some of the things we had learnt last semester. We then learnt some new vocabulary for different foods and played a game to help digest the new information.

Thursdays with Ian

The behaviour of the class has bee much better recently! They all seem to be enjoying the different songs that we are learning and participate really well in all the activities. The language we’ve been focusing on recently has involved numbers, colours, prepositions, and most importantly, how to ask to go to the toilet!

17th with Ian

In this class we started learning a new song. We also practised numbers and time. We also started to learn prepositions “under, over, in, between”

10th with Ian

In this class we revised a song that we have been working on. We also revised instructions and practised colours.

Thursdays with Ian

Thursday with Ian

This weeks class was a real pleasure! We started answering question about ourselves. We then learned “heads, shoulders, knees and toes”. We then played a game of “teacher says” to reinforce this. After we sung the Llama song. A great introduction to adjectives. Finally, we sung the Penguin song; a fun and active end to […]

Week 1 in the rain!

I fairly excitable first lesson. It was a new learning experience combined with all the drama of a rainy day. We started by introducing ourselves before we went into the room. Once sat down we played a few games to get us warmed up. We practised basic phrases such as “My name is…..”, “I am […]